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This 4-hour course is designed for anyone who is working or seeking a career in food preparation and/or food service. It will give you basic knowledge of nutrition which will help you prepare well-balanced meals and menus, the result of which will have a positive impact on health as well as an understanding of special dietary requirements.

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If you particularly work in hospital or school kitchens, residential homes or community based kitchens, then this course will assist you in preparing well balanced and nutritional meals.

If you are considering a career in the food industry, then this course will give you a good understanding and appreciation of nutritional values and well-balanced diets.

It will also help those who are active in sport and recreation, children or adults, in respect of producing well-balanced diets to support that activity.

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This is a 4-hour classroom based course. Dependant on the learner’s experience, there may well be some pre-course or post-course reading.


The course is made up of theoretical sessions delivered by your Instructor who will provide a detailed course programme.

A range of subjects are covered that will enable you to understand:

  • The principle of balanced diets
  • Current Government nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet
  • Sources of essential nutrients
  • The impact of diet on health
  • Catering practices that help maintain the nutritional value of food
  • How to plan and provide special diets
  • The impact of special diets on health
  • Catering practices to be considered when planning and providing meals for those on special diets


This is achieved by on-going theoretical teaching by the instructor, culminating with a multiple-choice question paper at the end. This is a lifetime qualification, although refresher training is always recommended.
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