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New NYCC Guidance For Managing Anaphylaxis In Schools

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Epipen advice for all schools

After considerable consultation with insurers and other agencies, the following link is the advice from NYCC with regard managing epipens in school and also, vitally, how to ensure your school training plan fits the criteria required to be insured to administer.

All schools should read the advice thoroughly and develop their own local policy approach.

Please see full document:

In summary:

1. All schools should read the guidance in detail
2. Schools should develop their own local policy decision based on needs of the school population, which should be approved by leaders and governors
3. Minimum is that all staff have awareness training as flagged in the attached guidance – there are no set refresher timelines, but good practise would be circa 3 years with some training on induction; this is again a local decision. Awareness training can be done in house, using online resources etc. There is no specification for this to be delivered by a health professional
4. Where epipens are in place, schools need to decide through local policy who/how many people should be trained to administer through the competency route. Local policy should take into account know factors such as residentials etc. It is school responsibility to source  a suitable supplier for competency training. The following document names very few and schools are advised to either book a supplier or liaise with individual pupil clinical professionals, who may be willing to deliver training, but are not obliged to do so
5. For trips and visits including residential s, leaders and governors should risk assess, taking guidance from the Educational Visits team where required and ensure that both awareness and competency is covered appropriate to risk of that visit.
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