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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

EPIPEN2PAK03mgpngWhat your need to know!

The full guidance on schools being able to halve spare EPIPEN/EMERADE/JEXT Auto-Injectors is here. Broken down the document states to hold the injections school must have a child already assessed as being at risk from Anaphylaxis (Already has an allergy with an Auto-Injector prescribed)
The question everyone has been asking is what if its the child’s first reaction and they don’t have there own AAI? The answer to this question is located on page 4 of the document.
“In the event of a possible severe allergic reaction in a pupil who does not meet these criteria, emergency services 999/112 should be called and advice sought from them as to wether administration of the spare emergency AAI is appropriate”
This is brilliant news and we would advise that as soon as the child displays the signs and symptoms of the reaction call 999/112 state ANAPHYLAXIS then tell them you hold the Emergency AAI.
Please note the document does state the staff have to be fully trained to administer and parental permission is needed. This is something a school could ask all parents to sign at the start of the school year or term as with other medical consents.

As many of you know i have Anaphylaxis my self and welcome this legal change and really hope after all the hard work that had gone into this campaign that schools get behind this and get these spare AAI’s. Please remember Anaphylaxis is potentially a life threatening condition and staff, parents and children should feel confident that in the event it happens schools have the means skills and knowledge to manage the situation.

The letters for the pharmacies are located at the end of the document and remember please contact us it’s any questions or if you need any advice or training for your staff.

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