Anaphylaxis Awareness

Anaphylaxis Awareness Training


Anaphylaxis Awareness Training is vital for those caring for someone with Anaphylactic shock, or Anaphylaxis, This is a life-threatening, serious allergic reaction to an allergen such as food substances or insect stings. If it is not treated appropriately, it may cause death. Students will look at all 3 injections includeing the EPIPEN, JEXT PEN and EMERADE PEN

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Anaphylaxis Awareness Training

Anaphylaxis Awareness Training will enable students to Recognise and treat Anaphylaxis safely and effectively. When administering a medication it is important to recognise and differentiate between allergic reactions and the potentially life threatening Anaphylactic reactions immediately. It is also essential to determine whether the individual has had an allergic or Anaphylactic response to the medication in the past, prior to administration. Students will look at all 3 injections including the EPIPEN, JEXT PEN and EMERADE PEN

This Anaphylaxis Awareness Training course is suitable for all First Aiders and healthcare professionals as well as those in a high risk environment where such medication is available. Our  training course can be carried on your site across the Yorkshire Region, including Harrogate, Ripon, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Skipton, Boroughbridge, Leeds, and more.



This is a classroom-based course of 2.5 guided learning hours. Dependent on the learner’s experience. Each candiadte will carry out a a full practical session of the administration of the EpiPen Auto Injector and learn the reasons for Anaphylaxis developing in the human body


The course is made up of theoretical sessions delivered by your Instructor who will provide a detailed course programme. A range of subjects are covered that will enable

  • The learner to have an understanding of the legal position on treating an anaphylactic reaction in the workplace
  • The learner to have an understanding of what anaphylaxis is
  • The learner to know the causes of anaphylaxis
  • The learner to recognise the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • The learner to be competent to use adrenaline auto injectors safely and pass the information on in a safe and appropriate way


A certificate of completion will be awarded on successful completion of this training. This course is also suitable for Continual Professional Development (CPD).


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